Ultimate Impact 11 Results

Here are the official results from Ultimate Impact 11:

Jack Shore bt Jack Price - rnc rd1 2.03
Paulina Malina bt Katie Elkova - dec
Lea Fendt bt Zowie Trevena - ko rd3 1.01
Matt Figlak bt Cadre Abdulafur - dec
Matt Harthill bt Matt Sansom - ko rd 2 1.16
Daryl Grant bt Euan Wallace - guillotine rd 2 0.25
Helen Harper bt Sammy Donnelly - dec
Aman Sakhizedah bt Michael Jones - dec
Karl Evans bt Mark Finney - armbar rd1 4.24
Steve Smith bt Matt Kaufman - dec
Adam Bousiff bt Chris Astley - tko rd 1 0.19
Laura Handy bt Anya Baker - dec
Tommy Cook bt Lenny Benskin - dec

Fight of the Night - Steve Smith vs Matt Kaufman

Submission of the NIght - Karl Evans

KO of the Night - Lea Fendt


Why you should go to UIC11


The main event at Ultimate Impact 11 we see the rematch between BCL/IronMann MMA fighter Tommy Cook and Leighthan Benskin of Brotherhood MMA. At UIC10 the title match between the 2 fighters ended with the disqualification of Lenny after landing an illegal knee to Tommys face whilst he was grounded. Referee Leon Roberts had no choice but to call a stop to the contest as Tommy was unable to carry on following the doctors advise.

The 2 men were clearly unhappy it ended in this way and whilst in the cage agreed to an immediate rematch... and here it is! The last fight was shaping up to be quite a war, so we're certainly expecting firework when the 2 come together once more to settle the score for the UIC Middleweight strap.


Ultimate Impact 10 Results

This past Saturday an excited and load crowd witnessd a great night of fights from beginning to end... here are the result from the night:

Tommy Cook bt Lenny Benskin DQ (due to illegal strike) rd1 - MW TITLE
Wayne Drake bt Chris Tetly FLYING TRIANGLE RD 3 LW TITLE
Phil Wells bt Rob Leybourne TKO RD 1 WW TITLE

Stuart Austin bt Lewis Tynan | KO RD1
Laura Handy bt Sammy Donnelly | DEC 
Chris Astley bt Kane Foster | RNC RD1 
Jamie Richardson bt Tobias Reid | DEC 
Michal Figlak bt Liam Farrer | KO RD1
Polly Beauchamp bt Katie Elkova | DEC 
Jack Owen bt Mark Finney | ANCONDA CHOKE RD1 
Billy Gibbs bt Pete Singh | TKO RD3 
Tony Bryan bt Sam Schilder | ARM BAR RD3 
Anya Baker bt Zoe Card | DEC 
Matt Figlak bt Ahren Foster | DEC
Adam Greene bt Ryan Price | DEC

KO of the night MICHAL FIGLAK
Sub of the night WAYNE DRAKE 
Fight of the night: WAYNE DRAKE & CHRIS TETLEY


Fighter Interview - Wayne Drake #UIC10

posterui10v3Wayne Drake is quite and humble man who took Mario Saeed the distance in a fight of the night performance at Ultimate Impact Fight Night earlier this year. Mario was since signed by Cage Warriors and vacated the title... rightly so Wayne was easy choice in matching up for this LIghtweight title vs the only man to best Mario in his professional career. We ask wayne a few questions:

Firstly we have to talk about Ultimate Impact Fight Night, you put in a great a determined performance against Mario Saeed, what can you recall from the fight and what positives do you take from going the distance with a guy that is now signed to Europe largest promotion Cage Warriors?

Mario is a really tough opponent an it was great to fight him, it was a close fight, I was happy I managed to go the distance as I know he has a reputation for finishing but I was gutted I didn't get the nod. I'd happily take a rematch!

You are now fighting for the vacant LW title on our 10th event and Paul Sutherland has put together a great fight card. What does it mean to you to be part of this land mark event?

The ultimate impact shows are always well run an I can't wait to get in there!


Fighter interview - Phil Wells

posterui10v3Ultimate Impact 10 is less than 2 weeks away and to continue our series of interviews with some of the fighters on the card we catch up with welterweight contender Phil Wells who face Rob Leybourne in a championship fight.

UIC: Firstly thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, your fight on our 10th event and Paul Sutherland has put together a great fight card. What does it mean to you to be part of this land mark event?

Yes excited to fight on UI went to watch the last show and there were top fights all the way through.

UIC: For those who don't know you, what team to you fight out of, what's your record and to date what has been your greatest achievement in MMA?

Swindon Vale Tudo, 1-0, dont have a MMA greatest achievement think it is still to come.

UIC: When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

Nervous all the way up untill the fight is over but i like the pressure try and use that positively.

UIC: How do you tend to workout/train when by yourself?

Tend not to train by myself always go to a class or train with other's, more motivating in a group and normally helps better myself and them if possible.

UIC: What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not in MMA?

No idea, not worth thinking about.

UIC: As you have chosen MMA what is it about the sport that keeps you coming back and keeps you motivated?

The standard of competition out there keeps me motivated, stepping into gyms and being humbled drives me to be better. I'm a sore loser.

UIC: A training camp can be a very stressful yet satisfy time for every fighter... What are your best and worst parts of preparing for a fight?

Worst part is the diet and the best part is coming off the diet.

UIC: Silly quick fire questions:

What is your favorite Disney movie? Toy Story

What is your favourite sweet? Cola Bottles

What is your favorite room in your house? Kitchen

What is your greatest fear? Being the smelly kid

What is the best compliment you have ever received? your not even that sweaty today

UIC: Finally of there is anyone you'd like to thanks, such as you team mate, coaches and sponsors please feel free to do so.

My sponsors SWLogistics for their support and mainly Michael Osboure, Daniel Hughes, Aman Sakhizadeh, Tom Crudgington, Saeed Esmaeli, Chico Mendes all helped coach me for this fight so thanks to those guys and all the boys at SVT.

The event takes place on the 16th November at Lesiure@Cheltenham, Tommy Taylor's Lane, Cheltenham. For all the updates follow us on twitter @UIEvent and use the hashtag #UIC10

Ticket prices start from £25 for standard, £30 for balcony, £40 for seat at silver table. Tickets can be bought direct from Phil or via our website.

Thanks to our sponsors: Discount MMA, Tigon Sports, Armour Wash, BEM Serve, Trophy World Gloucester, DR Creative Media, Poundout Gear and Puro Fight Gear

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